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Submitted to the Ph.D. in Leadership & Change Program of Antioch University in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy March 2006
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No project of this size could have any possibility of being carried out by one person. The following people have shown support for my vision and a willingness to see the project through to fruition. Without their support emotionally, intellectually, and practically I could not possibly have come this far. My most sincere and heartfelt thanks to:

Simon Carmel (RIT retired) For putting his whole self into this project: physically, by starring in the show; intellectually, by adding his own research into Deaf Folklore to mine in the writing of the script; and emotionally, by believing whole-heartedly in the value of this project.

Dr. Carolyn Kenny (Antioch) For her support and guidance through the maze of research methods to help me find one that suits my nature. She showed me how to have confidence in my work by never allowing me to give up on my vision.

Dr. Elizabeth Holloway (Antioch) For creating a learning environment where I could thrive.

Dr. Stephanie Polowe Aldersley (RIT, Creative and Cultural Studies) For teaching me to navigate the politics of town and academia.

Dr. Bonnie Meath-Lang (Artistic Director of NTID Performing Arts Department) For accepting the position of NTID Performing Arts liaison for this project and for procuring departmental support of the project.

Dr. Joseph Bochner (RIT Chair, Creative and Cultural Studies) For the additional support to bring in a guest artist for Windows of the Soul as well as assistance during the rehearsal process.

Dr. Robert Panara (RIT Retired) For showing me the way through example.

Dr. Karen Christie (RIT, Creative and Cultural Studies) For reading my work at various stages, including the script and literature review, and for giving me frank feedback.

Dr. J. Matt Searls (RIT Deaf Studies Chair) For listening to my troubles and providing all the support, consultation, and feedback I needed to keep the integrity of this project intact.

Dr. Harry Lang (RIT Research department) For willingly giving me Deaf Culture advice, acting as Dramaturge, and providing research methods consulting.

Peter Haggerty (RIT/NTID Associate Professor of English) For being my writing consultant and editor, assisting with dramaturgy, and serving as a board member of Interborough Repertory Theater. Most special thanks for the personal support given as a husband, friend, and colleague.

Patti Jacobs For using her web design and graphic artistry to make my cyber-ideas a reality.

Finally, my deepest thanks to all of the acquaintances, friends, and family who gave of themselves eagerly and without reservation to the work of sharing their lived experiences.

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